FAQs – Tillman Kiowa Campus in Frederick

What are the benefits of attending Great Plains Technology Center?
Great Plains Technology Center is a great way to get connected to careers, college credits and the future of learning.

How much does it cost to attend Great Plains?
Tuition is free for high school students. Students who attend Davidson, Frederick, Grandfield, Snyder, or Tipton High Schools and enroll in a regular daytime course for their Junior and/or Senior year will not be charged tuition.

How do I enroll?
Students may get an application for admission from the Great Plains counselor or their high school counselor. Selection is based on attendance, interest, GPA, and interview. Transcripts of high school course work with ACT scores, and an attendance report will accompany each application.

What if I am planning to go to college?
Great Plains’ cooperative agreements with several area colleges and universities allows students to earn college credits for the skills they master as a high school student at Great Plains. Credits are awarded by the participating colleges and universities.

What is the Dr. George Bridges Next Step Scholarship?
Students, who graduate from a high school in the Great Plains District and enroll in a career-education program within two years of graduation, are eligible for the $2100 Dr. George Bridges Next Step Scholarship.