GPTC Ambassadors learn leadership

The Great Plains Technology Center Ambassadors Program held their monthly training session on January 25, 2017, from 8:30 AM to 2:50 PM in the Building 100 Auditorium. This month’s training focused on leadership. The training consisted of various speakers and exercises to teach students the value of leadership. Phil Kennedy, owner of Comanche County Lumber Company and board member for Oklahoma CareerTech, was the first speaker of the day. He began with a speech and discussion on leadership. The next speaker was GPTC superintendent, Clarence Fortney. Fortney gave the ambassadors a briefing on the history and facts of the CareerTech System and GPTC. After lunch, the ambassadors learned about professional dress for interviews and the workplace. Fortney and Keith Bridges met with the male ambassadors and Debbie Thompson met with the female ambassadors. Dillard’s provided clothing from their store to demonstrate appropriate dress. Dr. Krystal Brue, Organizational Leadership for Cameron University, discussed what leadership is and showed a leadership video. She also led the ambassadors in a team building exercise. At the conclusion of the training, the ambassadors evaluated their own leadership, followed by a wrap-up of the day.