Instructional Vehicles Purchased with Johnston-Scott Contribution

AST instructors, Allen Whittaker (l) and Michael Thomason show-off instructional vehicles purchased with $25,000 Johnston-Scott contribution.

Automotive Service Technology instructors Michael Thomason and Allen Whittaker know how to stretch a dollar.  They were able to take a $25,000 contribution to the program from Janey Johnston-Scott, couple it with a small expenditure from the school and turn the funds into two instructional vehicles.  Both instructors felt strongly that the newer vehicles, (both 2013 models) should have driver assist features such as braking assist, lane swerve notification and rear back-up cameras.  “It’s important that we introduce these features to our AST students”, Thomason said.  “Driver assist is where the entire automotive industry is headed”.  Mrs. Scott made the $25,000 contribution in memory of her father, Julius Johnston, an original member of the Great Plains Board of Education—and for whom Great Plains Automotive Service Technology Building, (#400) is named.  The instructors were able to purchase a 2013 Chevy Equinox from Milo Gordon Mazda.  The instructors were very thankful and complimentary to the Mazda General Manager, Brady Wyatt and to Dan Mullins, owner of Fleetway Car Sales for selling the Buick Verano. Mullins serves on the Great Plains Technology Center Foundation Board.  The technology center board of education approved $3,000 to the $25,000 contribution to make the vehicle purchases possible.