GPTC Student Ambassadors develop leadership skills


Senior Ambassadors

Sixty Great Plains Technology Center students were selected as “Student Ambassadors” for Great Plains Technology Center. The Student Ambassadors, including seven returning Senior Ambassadors will represent the school at public functions and assist with Great Plains Tech Showcase scheduled for December 6, 7, 8 2016.

“The Student Ambassadors is a leadership development program in action”, said Sherrie Bellamy, Student Activities Coordinator. “They will help Great Plains recruit additional high school students by sharing their experiences at the tech center”, Bellamy said. She believes this type of peer to peer communication has a lot of credibility.

“The Ambassadors are an integral part of the Sophomore Showcase as they will share their personal experiences at Great Plains before prospective students get off their buses to start their Showcase. Ambassadors will also escort the visiting sophomores to the two Great Plains programs the guests have pre-selected. Finally, Ambassadors will introduce the instructors of each program. More than 1,400 sophomores will attend the Tech Showcase, according to Joelle Jolly, Director of Student Services.

Ambassadors were selected after an application and interview. Jolly, Bellamy and Teresa Abram, media coordinator have already provided “team building” exercises and in-service on public speaking. Bellamy said the Ambassadors will participate in several leadership development activities in the spring semester including dinner etiquette, social media etiquette, and community service.