Combination Collision Technology Students Win Grants


TonyJosey_Group1 (2)

Three Great Plains Technology Center Combination Collision Technology students each won $4,500 tool grant scholarships from 3-M and the National Collision Education Foundation.    Not pictured is student Russell Cook.  Wright, Johnson and Cook are military veterans.   All three students plan to enter the automotive collision repair industry.  England said no other schools in the nation had three tool grant winners.

The tool grants are part 3-M’s nationwide “Hire Our Heroes” campaign through the Foundation.  Pictured left to right:  student Randall Wright, Combination Collision Instructor Tony Josey, 3-M representative Greg England who made the presentation, and student Scot Johnson.

Russell Cook, Scot Johnson and Randall Wright served the U.S. in the military.  Now, after completing Great Plains Technology Center’s Combination Collision Technology program all three plan to pursue careers in the automotive collision repair industry.  Tool grants from 3-M through the National Collision Education Foundation will make their quests a little easier.  Each was recently awarded $4,500 tool grants from a tool menu provided by 3-M.  The grants are part of 3-M’s “Hire Our Heroes” Campaign.  “Many employees in the automotive repair industry are nearing retirement age”, Tony Josey said.  “The Hire Our Heroes” campaign is away to encourage military veterans to enter the industry to keep its workforce strong and to make it a little younger.  Josey added that he’s learned in his time of teaching Combination Collision at Great Plains that military veterans make some of the best students.”

Gary England, a representative of 3-M presented the tools packages.  The corporation is a national sponsor of the Foundation’s efforts.  “Technology changing and many workers are leaving the industry”, England said.  “It’s hard to replace to many of those workers.  We’ve learned the $4,500 grants provide a real incentive because almost every technician needs to own their tools and that can be an expensive investment.

All three students welcomed the changes in technology.  “Changes happen every day in the military”, Scot Johnson said.  “We’re used to it and welcome it”.  The students all expressed their gratitude to the National Collision Education Foundation, to 3-M and to Mr. Josey.

Mr. Josey stressed the benefits his program receives throughout the year from the Collision Education Foundation.  “The Foundation’s contributions of tools, materials and supplies significantly help stretch my program budget”, he said.  He gave a special shout out to Janet Marczyk and Melissa Marcin for fostering a great relationship between Great Plains and the Foundation.