Career Tech State Leadership and Skills Competitions are underway.

Ben Cara and Victoria Sustaita, Biomedical Students, who competed in Medical Innovations.

Jennifer Sengstock, Christina Lee (SurgTech)

1st place  CERT Team

Alyssia Penstock-Owen (SurgTech)

1st place     Vet Science

Vickie Larson (SurgTech)

2nd place       Vet Science

Patricia Meza (SurgTech)

2nd place

Clinical Specialty  Cassandra McWhorter, Elizabeth Dodd

2nd place Forensic Medicine Team

Jade Long (Mayer/Nolen)

3rd place       Personal Care

Madison Winham (Bio)

4th place       Clinical Nursing

Caitlin Lewis (Mayer/Nolen)

5th place       Nursing Assistant

Ben Cara/Victoria Sustaita (Bio)

5th place       Medical Innovations