Celebrate the SCORE!

Great Plains SCORE Program has reconnected more than 1,300 students who had quit school to a high school diploma. This highly successful dropout and credit recovery program works with students ages 16-20 who are residents of the Great Plains district.

SCORE students typically spend one-half day on academic subjects, (math, English, science, etc.) and one-half day in a Career Tech occupational program. As students move through SCORE they also learn “soft skills” that will help them succeed in the workforce once they have their high school diploma in hand.

Minimum requirements for enrollment in SCORE: students 16-20 years of age are eligible to apply. The SCORE staff selects students for the program based upon an application, interview and availability.

SCORE is the acronym for School of Real Opportunity and Real Education. Successful SCORE students and staff celebrate their successes with a graduation ceremony each May that features approximately 100 students who have earned their high school diploma.

Application for Admission

Online Application for Admission

For further information:

Justin McNeil, SCORE Director

Cindy Byrd

Pamela Hixon