Tillman Kiowa Campus

Agricultural Machinery & TechnologyKiowa-Tillman
Students will gain knowledge applicable to farm equipment and both gas and diesel engines in the areas of carburization, fuel injection, electrical systems, brakes, and power train.

Practical Nursing (Adult Students Only)
Opportunities for Practical Nurses (LPN) remain abundant and continue to grow. This twelve-month adult program utilizes clinical and classroom experience to train students for an entry-level position as a practical nurse.

Health Careers Certification
Students complete a common core curriculum and then select at least one career pathway to study entry-level employment skills needed for employment. Work-based learning opportunities are available in health care settings. Pathways include Dental Assisting, Veterinary Assisting, Nursing Assistant (NA), which leads to certification in both long-term care and home health care, and Medical Assisting Clinical Procedures. Curriculum will be individualized according to each student’s needs. Upon completion of HST I, students may begin one of the HST II career pathways.

Business Computer Education
This program is designed to provide secondary & adult students who want to earn a living as an administrative assistant with the occupational skills and knowledge essential to initial employment. Students will become skilled in the use of the latest equipment equal to that used by industry.

Multimedia Services
In this program, students will learn aspects of planning, creating, and managing multimedia projects in an integrated computer environment. Students will add visual imagery, text, graphics, video, audio and animation to create multi-sensory projects. Design principles, HTML and cascading style sheets, use of digital cameras and video editing are covered.

Construction Trades
Students are prepared for entry-level positions in the construction field and to provide those employed in the construction field with opportunities for upgrading their skills. Students completing the 10 modules will be considered an occupational completer.