Tillman County Emergency Services named Great Plains “Partners for Progress” Award Winner for 2017

The Oklahoma Association of Career and Technology Education, (OKACTE) and the Oklahoma Association of Technology Centers (OATC) named the Tillman County Emergency Services as Great Plains Technology Center’s “Partners for Progress” Award Winner for 2017. John Noel, Great Plains Director of Adult Career and Development, said that Ralph Washburn who directs the Tillman County Emergency Services has taught many EMR and EMT classes at Great Plains Frederick campus at no charge. Washburn and James Heap, Fire Chief of the Frederick Department accepted the award that was presented during a special ceremony, February 23rd at the History Center in Oklahoma City. Great Plains was represented by Noel; Deputy Superintendent, Karen Bailey; Gary Tyler, Assistant Superintendent at the Frederick campus; Sandi Noel, Accreditation and Planning Coordinator and Don Dunham, Dunham is the chairman of the Tillman County Ambulance Service, and a part-time I.T. specialist at the Frederick campus.